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How and why support this website

Strategy & Analysis website is an audacious and stubborn project. We started in September 2005, even at the height of political crisis in Brazil. Following the advent of thousands of blogs, sites, content and information, we opened our space and come to stay. In recent years, there has been produced several articles with analysis and opinion databases for accuracy, anchored in the militant experience, media activism and academic political science. From the beginning, we bothered thousands of neocons and other kind of conservatives. If you are among the troubled, it is because you are already satisfied to have just one corporate media, domesticated scholars and happy with the consulting industry; so this message is not for you.

But if these words matches with your desires to read, understand and analyze the contexts from the (radical and equalitarian democracy thought) a true matrix of left libertarian points of view, then we're on the same side. If you want to radicalize democracy beyond its purely representative form (indirect election and elitist) and walking toward the model of participation and collective deliberation, then these words are directed to you. If you have any political involvement, no matter if sporadic or partisan, and you need (or want!) up-to-date concepts, based on factual analysis and refined daily, so you are welcome. This website is located in the State of the Art of organized opposition. We have also produced and de-codified sensitive political knowledge, making it available to all people who want to help pushing the watermill of changing societies and resisting from the grassroots.

We know the potential of this page and want to expand our area of influence. Now we produce regular audio and written content in Portuguese, Spanish and English. We send those texts and programs to all 27 Brazilian states, for most Latin American countries and also read and heard by more than 500 thousand people in average weekly. This editor is proud to say that what is produced here goes through our entire Continent (including Caribbean), the English-speaking countries, great part of Europe, and, of course, this effort includes publishing in Brazilians websites, who welcome us and distribute the content. For all these reasons and more, it's time to grow and make the site self-sustained.

Any support is important and indispensable. Help us to give a hand in this 4th generation war front. We have to cover our fixed costs and increase the scope of analysis. It is necessary to incorporate more people to the project and it is only possible with your aid. These words are produced to feed minds and souls of critics, readers, activists, researchers and workers in general. We know the relevance of the webpage and do count on the support of our friends to move on and reach the five continents. Definitely, this site has a side in the struggle for making a world of solidarity.

Help, contribute with whatever you can and make sure that the corporate media columnists, neoliberalism mercenaries and scholars acting like clowns while exposing themselves in shopping malls will have another opponent to the challenge. If today you can not do any financial donations financial of small value, don’t worry, because we also have space for contributions of a voluntary nature, increasing the network of the page and spreading the thought of Strategy & Analysis for the radicalization of democracy in Latin America and around the world! The corporate transnational globalization will not pass! That’s world of people and the future belongs to free and solidarity societies!

Donate, Contribute, Help and Support! Promote and Disseminate the Strategy & Analysis for radical democracy on all levels!

Bruno Lima Rocha, political scientist (PhD), university professor and journalist. Website’s editor.

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