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Original Content in English •

Ahmadinejad and his controversial visit to Brazil

the guardian

The Iranian president started his tour through Latin America visiting Brazil. This represents the recognition of Brazilian importance in the international scenario, and also forces Israel to take position about continental politics. To reinforce Israelis choir, the right-wing Zionist is very committed.

November 27, by Bruno Lima Rocha (Bruno Baghliní) – Arab Brazilian political scientist (Phd)

On monday, November 23, the Latin America biggest country has received the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. His presence in Brazil brought to the surface a series of controversies. Polemics concerns about the Aiatolah regime (integrist and Shiite) as also Lula’s foreign policy. Very respectful sectors of homosexuals and human rights movements, and the hegemony inside Brazilian Jewish community, protested against his visit in function of what Ahmadinejad and the government he commands do represent. In general I understand the critics as correct. It is right to affirm that the conservative government doesn’t respect the fundamental liberties, it attempts against the right of religious and sexual freedom and pursues minorities. What makes me frighten is the cynic silence coming from the mouth and microphones of the same public opinion leaders and media makers. They criticize Iranian chief of State and said nothing in relation to the previous visitor, Israel president, Shimon Peres president.

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It is not necessary to list the war crimes done by Zionist (right wing) State. They shuld be condemned for State crimes, war crimes and humanitarian crimes. All of that barbarity is a responsibility of Israeli political-military operators in their nowadays crusade against the Arab population. If the Iranian ayatollahs’ government pursues Jews, Muslims Sunnite, Christians of different beliefs, the baha’is minority; the zion-chauvinists financed by the external help of the USA (powered by the strongest lobby in world, AIPAC) represses to Palestinian, druzians, Lebanese Shiite and Sunnite and jordans. In terms of "risks for the humanity", there is no substantive difference among the use of the nuclear energy for Israel (who has the bomb) and Iran (that can come to have the bomb). Such arguments are not treated of maneuver diversionist, but just a factual verification.

In theory the protests tried to influence the Brazilian foreign policy for not deepening relationships with countries that attempt against democratic values. I affirm that this premise is false. If there was this real intention, a wide group of entities should force the country to triplicate aggressiveness against the out of any law Guantanamo Base and Political Prison. The USA, starting from their imperial prepotency, kidnaps suspects in several countries, tortures them, arrests per years and, to the astonishment of many, judge foreigners captured in the exterior in agreement with their own laws. And, for the astonishment of many, such crimes continue to be executed in the Obama administration. Unhappily, the great Brazilian media had returned their symbolic batteries just against the boss of Iranian State. Shimon Perez represents the same state of exception and persecution of people’s rights. But, the media oligopoly in Brazil (the 9 families controlling more than 80% of information flow) simply denied this reality.

This article and its author, neither support the Ahmadinejad’s government. The critic coming from the left should not yield to the authoritarian temptation of praising the integrist politics. Iran occupies interesting paper in the world scenery when counterbalancing the colonialist action of Israel in Middle East and in the Arab and Pan-Islamic World. But it is just that. Internally that regime reinforces conservative values, attempts against human rights and, for its brutality, supplies elements for pro-wesern positions. In other words, no thought of equalitarian type could be added to supporting any kind of almost totalitarian regime, like in Teheran and nor Tel Aviv’s imperialistic action.

Unhappily, Noam Chomsky once again is right. It is pitiful that the beautiful socialist and humanitarian tradition of the Jewish people is gagged by the right-wing Zionists (just like those of Anti-Defamation League) controlling the external opinions and means of expression of this community. It is the same unhappiness when, in Brazil, we are bombed by professional liars behind cameras and microphones. Historical facts narrated by half and an environment of hysteria benefit ignorance conservative.

Before someone starts to defame myself, I do affirm my origin as an Arab-Brazilian descendent and also as an admirer of socialist Judaism traditions. As I said to some chauvinists, my Jewish heroes struggled in Warsaw, before they were Bund militants and in Israel, participated in very interesting organizations like Matzpen. Nowadays movement lik Peace Now proves that right wing Zionists may be the hegemony but they do have internal adversaries. I also defend the right of Palestinian and Arab self-determination. The Pan Arabism, in its socialist and democratic version, has a lot to learn from Jewish militant socialist traditions.

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